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Poisoning after the snow

As well as presenting plenty of logistical issues and giving some the opportunity to try winter camping at home, we have seen some interesting animal health issues.

On one property ewes died about a week after the snow. Before death they developed swollen heads and ears that looked very similar to facial eczema. Blood tests confirmed liver damage and given where the ewes were grazing this was most likely to have been caused by Ngaio tree branches that came down with the snow.

Deaths of ewes on another property that occurred in only one paddock appear to have been the result of sheep grazing Tutu.

In areas where trees or branches came down it would pay to still be cautious, especially if ewes or cattle are on rotation or being pushed. Be especially careful when it comes to pregnant cows and access to macrocapa or radiata pine, which if grazed, will cause abortions.