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Pet Lamb deaths

Each year we hear about the ‘pet lamb disasters’. Normally deaths occur just before pet day or after $100 worth of milk powder!! Here are a few suggestions that might help in avoiding the problem.

  • Make sure your pet lamb gets sufficient colostrum in the first 12 hours of life.
  • Follow milk feeding guidelines.
  • Don’t feed milk in excessive quantities – no more than 350mls at any feed regardless of size. If you want a ‘super lamb’, feed more frequently.
  • Make sure lamb teats remain in good order to prevent excessively fast feeding that can lead to bloat.
  • If lambs bloat after feeding, consider adding yoghurt, penicillin or formalin to the milk. (Contact the clinic for info).
  • Vaccinate lambs with PK Antitet early in life.
  • If lambs have access to meal, ensure overeating does not occur.
  • Make feeding changes gradually.
  • If all this fails, have a spare!!