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Clostridial Vaccination for Cattle

At this time of the year we often hear about or investigate the sudden death of cattle. Normally younger animals are involved but not always. Often the cattle are being break fed either on grass or crops of some description. Where animals “blow up” very quickly after death and rapidly go rotten, clostridial disease is high on the list of possible diagnoses. As we have advised in previous newsletters, and given the current value of cattle, it makes sense to vaccinate cattle against clostridial diseases.

10 in 1 vaccine will cover the 5 clostridial diseases covered by 5in1 vaccination but also cover a further 5 clostridial conditions that can occur especially in break feeding situations or on high carbohydrate feeds. So for the vaccination of weaner cattle we would recommend 2 doses of 10 in 1 vaccine 4 to 6 weeks apart. Older cattle can receive a booster shot of 5 in 1 or 10 in 1, depending on each farms “clostridial risks with older cattle”.