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Calf scours

This year scours have been an issue on some dairy farm, where they have not been an issue in the past. The calf scour syndrome is normally one or a combination of either Rotavirus or Cryptosporidia, occasionally e-coli, corona virus or even salmonella can be involved. Rotavirus and Crypto are extremely infectious and can be easily spread on boots, overalls etc.

Dairy farmers should be very careful with the hygiene standards of visitors entering your calf sheds (especially people who are rearing calves or may have been in other calf sheds or pens).

If you send bobby calves ensure this facility is separated from the rest of your calf rearing operation so those picking calves up don’t come in contact with your other calves.

Beef farmers mothering calves on should also be careful they don’t bring problems home!! Clean your boots and clothes after picking calves up and keep mothered up calves in isolation for at least 3 weeks before mixing with your herd. If you have any problems with scours during the mothering on process keep the cows and calves separate from your herd for as long as possible.

Obviously where scours becomes a problem vaccination of cows is a very good option for subsequent years.